FTC Simulator

Webots & Android Studio Bridge
by Team 6448



FTC Simulator, created by Team 6448 Blue Jays, acts as a bridge between the Qualcomm API used by the FTC Driver Hub app and Webots, an open source robot simulator.

Easy to Integrate

Our simulator is built on Webots, an open source robot simulator used by companies like Boston Dynamics and Tesla. It simply bridges your code on Android Studio to Webots. All you need to do is drag in a file or two and edit the configuration file.

Autonomous and TeleOp

Our simulator can simulate both autonomous and TeleOp situations. To change between modes, simply edit the configuration file to specify where your code is.

Open Source

We offer our bridge for free on our GitHub. There, you can also find instructions on how to install.
- Webots
- Android Studio


Physics Engine

Webots, an enterprise program used by numerous companies, has a built-in physics engine to properly simulate the behavior of not only your bot but also different objects and game pieces.


We used this simulator for years, but we have finally made the decision to make it public for all teams to share the benefit of our robust and accurate robot simulator

Spread the Word


You can help spread the word of our simulator by printing our brochure. We ask that you give out our brochure at FTC events.

 Our brochure 

About our team

We are Team 6448 Blue Jays of Jesuit High School. Our school is located at the heart of New Orleans.